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QAG welcomed all the new students who enrolled for the Feb and March intake. These were one of the biggest intakes for QAG, as we got excellent number of students for the 1st quarter from India, Korea, China, Philippine, Thailand, Japan, South America, Russia, etc. The reviews of the students are very positive and they are all getting settled and beginning to like the kiwi way of life

Queens Cafe
No need to go out for meal now! QAG is glad to announce the inauguration of the new cafeteria in the premises at affordable prices. All the ethnicities have been kept in mind as we offer meals from different regions and countries. Also, we have a good range for the vegetarians and vegans.

Approval of New Qualification:
Proudly announcing our new qualification approved by NZQA "Diploma in Server and Network Management L7” 1 Academic Year study. Starting our first semester I July 2014 Please contact the respective marketing for further information.

STUDENTS TESTIMONIALS Hello, my name is Irina and I am glad to have this opportunity to introduce Queens Academic Group to Russian people and other people from overseas who ever considers to come to New Zealand for study purposes . New Zealand is the land of clear blue sky and green grass. There are a lot of opportunities to live a healthy balanced life in New Zealand with quality consumption products, fresh air and open access to natural parks, beaches and other resorts where you can play sport or simply enjoy the sun. New Zealand summers are never too hot, but humid and warm enough to go swimming and get suntan.
Isabel Cristina HERNANDEZ
NZIM Management Level 5

As a Colombian Accountant, I took the NZIM Diploma in Management Diploma as a complementary alternative to increase my professional and practical skills looking forward for better job oppertunities.
With this Diploma I have certainly improved my English and developed my confidence within the business environment.
The Job Placement service has helped to prepare my CV and cover letter and I have learnt valuable skills to marketing myself in an interview.
Jaspreet Kaur,
Age-18 Yrs.(India)

I visited New Zealand for my higher studies after completing my senior secondary education in India. Queens Acaedmy provided me a platform to flourish and start a fresh in New Zealand. I am currently doing NZ Diploma in Business Management level-6. I found the atmosphere to be perfect for the youngsters who are looking for international exposure. I found the staff very cooperative and knowledgeable and would definitely like to study further here Thanks QAG
I have studied in Queens Academic group for two months and it has been a great experience for many reasons:
My goal was to find an internship in New Zealand and the courses have definitely helped me to reach the level of English demanded by professional life. At the same time it was also deeply rewarding to be in class with other students from all over the world. I have realised how different everyday life abroad is for other students of my age. And, as a European, it was particularly interesting to discover the Anglo Saxon educational system which is so different to what I know in France.
Jashanpreet Singh
(Age 20, India)

After completing my secondary education in India I planned to study abroad and Queens Academic Group helped me a lot. I did my level-5 in IT here and planned to go further with level-7, thanks to the excellent teachers i've made great progress and moved up to an advanced class. I am planning to do bachelor's from AUT and I couldn't have done without QAG.


Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications Level 7. The Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications program I enrolled in was extraordinarily well thought out and executed. I very much enjoyed my time there. One of the best decisions I hvae made. I would certainly recommend the school to anyone wishing to learn or improve their skills. I had fun, learned and met loads of people from different cultures and that was what made the experience enriching.
Andrea James, New Caledonia (Age 20 year old)
After finishing High School in New Caledonia two years ago, I decided to go abroad to first take an English course. So first I came in New Zealand in Queens Academic Group for six months which was a great and enjoyable experience especially students from all around the world. Then after graduated from English courses and after a long decision, I chose to pursue in NZ Diploma in Business level 5 which I'm doing now, to get a new knowledge in Business, quite demanded in my country. Actually at the end of the first semester, I can say that this programme is perfectly run and all the teachers bring us the skill and knowledge needed for a future career and it also improved my English in an academic way. After completing my second semester, I’m planning to do further studies in QAG and why not in AUT afterwards. I will definitely recommend QAG to my friends and family.
Printbox - Hang Hi, I'm Hang, currently I'm studying Diploma of Management level 5 at QAG. Thanks to the Job-placement service at QAG, I got an internship at Printbox. It's a very good experience for me, because I can learn a lot of things such as sales, purchasing, inventory etc... even improving my English! The people at Printbox are very kind and friendly, they don't mind guiding students how to work, they share ideas with students and many other things, therefore I've really enjoyed being at Printbox. I believe that taking an internship is very useful for every student and for further career development." Patricia, Chile
I'm Patricia from Chile and arrived in New Zealand with the idea to change my life style but one of the things I realized in this beautiful city it is you have to communicate which language is English, although everyone use body languages or speak like robot with less grammar and just in present tenses but it is not enough, so one friend, she also is from Chile, she shows me Queens Academic Group where the most I liked was I could ask for English course, visa information or other things in SPANISH! YES! Exist a person, Diana Moreno, who can ask whatever you want, she helped me a lot and believe me I asked many questions, I'm still doing it!. She is always willing to help you.
Kelly Charles (26 years, France)
As a responsible in internal communication in France, I recently joined Queen Academic Group to reach my level of English demanded by professional life. I’m very happy to be here ! I love the atmosphere of the school ! The integration has been very easy : students, teachers are very pleasants and I have met loads of people from different cultures it’s very enriching.
Gokula G. Pillai (Student QAG)
I have been working in India and had completed my graduation in commerce at the same time. Was pertty exposed to the practical working environment at an early age and then planned to give it an international recognition. Came to know about the Diploma in Business IT that Queens Academic Group offers that provide complete practical exposure of usage of IT in business world. I am well confident now in terms of international standards and would definitely recommend my friends and colleagues to study at Queens. Thanks & Regards
Sitthisak Nimlaoor, Age 22, Thailand
After graduating from university in my country, there were a lot of plans in my mind. I had to make a decision and Queen Academic Group is one of my choices. Spending two months in Queen Academic School proved to me that I had made the right decision. I enrolled in the IELTS class to improve my English skills and increase my IELTS score to continue my master’s degree. Here I got to know a lot of friends not only from Asia, but also from many other countries. The great atmosphere at QAG, the nice teachers and amiable friends all provided me the chance to improve both my English skills and social skills at the same time.
Supak Wanichdilokrat, Thailand, (Age 27 year old)
I have had a good experience with the Queens Academic Group. The course of Diploma in Management Level 5 was not only provided many knowledge but also interesting things to me. Moreover, the lecturers and staffs team are helping and guiding me to achieve my aim. They are very friendly and always willing to help. For all of my classmates, I really appreciate with them. They are not only classmate but they are one of my best friends in New Zealand.
Supaporn Sanhiranchai , Thailand, (Age 31 year old)
This is the first time I had done study in New Zealand and I chose Queens Academic Group as my education provider. I trust in school quality which showed good result on EER report, including pathway to universities. I enjoy studying New Zealand Diploma in Business here very much. I love studying with people from other countries because of the different ideas and ways of thinking I can learn. I am very pleased that QAG is giving me this experience
Surada Sanhiranchai, Thailand, (Age 22 years old)
First time that I had decided to go abroad I think of NZ. As New Zealand is apart of the UK, thus in my opinion the quality of language institutes in here must be good as well. As Queen Academic was placed in the first category, so I did not hesitate to choose this school with my highly confidence that it would worth my time and money. I paid attention learning IELTS class thus I can reach IELTS test with score 6.5 and continue my master degree in UK. I was satisfied studying at Queen Academic Group because the class room that I learn was not only very funny, having the best IELTS teach but also increasing my English progress as well.
Hello, I amSebastian, I am from Colombia and I want to tell you about my experience in Queens Academic Group through this testimonial. I decided to study the National Diploma in Business, as I thought it was interesting and the time table adapted to my needs regarding availability, however it was not until I started the diploma that I find out that there were more to it that I initially thought of. The classes were great, not only it had a good academic environment, but also the lecturers were well prepare to give me and my class mates proper explanations to expand our knowledge; it was also of great amusement for me that the lecturers were there not only to teach and get paid, but they were there specially for you, so whenever you were in need of an explanation or an advise you could always count in them to take some time and attend to your needs. My name is Hussain Al-Nakhli and I am from Saudi Arabia. I have studied General English at QAG for around 5 months. I learnt a lot from our teachers and I enjoyed studying at QAG. The study environment was very energetic and people were very helpful. I have made good friends and my English has improved significantly. I loved studying here.
Sang-Hoon LEE, Korea
I’m satisfied with my study of Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication at Queens Academic Group. It was a helpful for me to understand New Zealand’s Electronic industry field and find a job. Each semester has its own specific focusing area for improving student’s ability. I had got fluent knowledge and basic theory about Electronics through one semester. Then another semester made me to get enough practical skills and technics. For the skills, all materials and facilities were good enough for practical training.
Zakariah Said Bakar, Indonesia
Age 36 year old.
I came to Auckland on my first virgin 3months visit about 2-years ago to see my family especially my parents. I found that this place and the scene were so convenience and naturally beautiful. So I did come again in one year later after my first visit. This time, I intend to pursue my study here in Auckland, in a way to adapt myself into the educational system and to get used to the working environment as well. Although I have had studied the same subject in my country, still I found it different and more interesting.